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By splitting the host signal, part of it can be used to tell the 565E when to take action and lower the background source by an amount determined by the threshold control.This jack is located on the rear panel, and it provides both a send and return via the same jack.When the signal level falls below the level set by the threshold control, the expander reduces its gain by the amount dictated by its expansion ratio.Symetrix assumes no responsibility with regard to the performance or use of these products.The dual-release feature makes the release time partially program-dependent, giving you the best of both worlds: fast release for short-duration peaks and a longer release time for longer- duration peaks.

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Mention of third-party products is for informational purposes only and constitutes neither an endorsement nor a recommendation.Applications Chapter 8 Here are a few applications for which the 565E is an optimal processing tool.

Typically, signals such as the output signal of a keyboard or a drum machine are already at line-level, so these outputs could be connected directly to the K of the 565E.Ratio The compression ratio of the 565E determines how much the output changes for a change in the input.

In an emergency (the show must go on), you can ground pin 3, but if you have the choice.leave it open.Products repaired of the date of purchase. under warranty will be returned freight.

A linear amplifier (like a simple preamp) has a ratio of 1:1 because a change of 1 dB at its input results in a 1 dB change at its output.If you must ground pin 3, it is must be grounded at the 565E, rather than at the other end of the cable.The unit is quiet enough to operate at lower signal levels such as those found in semi-pro or musical instru- ment (MI) equipment (-10 dBu or 300 millivolts).Chapter 3 Fast First-Time Setup Follow these instructions to get your 565E up-and-running as quickly as possible.

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The sidechain connection affects all three processors in the 565E.Identifies information that, if not for persons who operate the equipment as well heeded, may cause damage to the as repair personnel.

Final Warranty Registration must be completed determination of warranty coverage lies and mailed to Symetrix within thirty (30) days solely with Symetrix.To trigger the compressor, expander or limiter of the 565E from an external audio source, use a cord with either a TS or TRS connec- tor.Generally, peak limiting is associated with short release times and compression, or leveling, is associated with longer release times.Austell, Cornwall, PL26 6YU, U.K. Date of issue: April 1, 1998 Place of issue: Lynnwood, Washington, USA Authorized signature: Dane Butcher, President, Symetrix Incorporated.

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Wherever specific threshold settings are mentioned, they are referenced to either a particular gain reduction level as indicated by the meter, or to a 0 dBu input level.Symetrix equipment inputs are designed to bridge the output of whatever device drives the input (i.e. to be greater than 10 times the actual source impedance).The solution is to make soft signals softer, a.k.a. downward expansion.

The system gain structure should be such that the 565E operates at or near unity gain.Doing this allows you to hear the signal that will control the 565E, and perhaps to find the range that you wish to emphasize.A four segment LED display shall be cable). provided to indicate the amount of downward The unit shall be a Symetrix, Inc. model 565E Dual expansion.manufactured by symetrix inc. lynnwood, wa usa this product contains no user seviceable parts. e processor 527 voice.The authorized representative located within the European Community is: World Marketing Associates P.O. Box 100 St.Specific warnings and 565E or other equipment in your cautions are found throughout this manual system. wherever they may apply.If you reside in the U.S. then proceed as follows: At the Symetrix factory, Symetrix will perform in-warranty or out-of-warranty service on any product it has manufactured for a period of five years from date of manufacture.Servicing the 565E If you have determined that your 565E requires repair services and you live outside of the United States please contact your local Symetrix dealer or distributor for instructions on how to obtain service.

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Symetrix 565E: a one-box answer to your dynamics processing needs.

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