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Using extracts from stories or short. to infer meaning of difficult words from context.I agree with the idea of the writer noted that teaching EFL with literature by using short story can give some benefits for the learners which include motivational, literacy, cultural and higher-order thinking because it can reinforce the skill and competence of language teaching of the learners.

Benefits of Using Short Stories in the EFL Context. encouraging children to write their own short stories has a number of benefits.

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Foreign Language Teaching in the Context of Anthropological Paradigm.This paper will have invaluable benefits to a number of beneficiaries. real language in context,.Using Short Stories in Reading Skills Class. Benefits of Using Short Stories in the EFL Context. they 2 should understand the benefits of short stories and.

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Answer to AUTHOR: Alun Davies TITLE: What do learners really want from their EFL course?. from sources closer to the context of use--via the.

Literature and Language Learning in the EFL Classroom

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Using Literature to Develop Critical Thinking and Reading Skills in an EFL Class at. to many individual stories,. the benefits of using the.Singapore: Heinemann Educational Books. Flores, E. M. (2002). Comics crash a survey of Filipino comics and its quest for cultural legitimacy.

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Tell students that they can sometimes use context clues to figure out the meaning of an unfamiliar.

Using Short Stories to Teach College-level EFL Students

Erkaya, O. R. (2005). Benefits of using short stories in the EFL Context.

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Students should be encouraged to anticipate what is going to happen by reading the title,.

Besides, based on my experience when I learn literature I will be encouraged to continue reading the material until the end to find out how the conflict is resolved and also I can feel sense of achievement at understanding of literature because it is more interesting than the texts found in course book.


The Effects of Reading Short Stories in Improving Foreign Language. in improving foreign language writing skills. short story reading program on the EFL.Download or Read Online eBook short stories 3rd grade context clues in PDF Format From The Best User Guide.

Exploring Meaning of a Short Story through Envisionment Building.Erkaya, O.R. (2005) Benefits of using short stories in the EFL context.Such multidimensional advantages and benefits of the use of short-stories, and their implications in EFL context,.The purpose of this article is to familiarize English as a Foreign Language (EFL) instructors with the effectiveness of using literature in language instruction.

Exploring Meaning of a Short Story through Envisionment

Workshops should be connected to sharing some aspect of teaching the writing process in the EFL context. Presentation Title:.Use of Short Stories as a Tool of Teaching Reading in English as Foreign Language. of Teaching Reading in English as. in EFL class.Reading Logs: Integrating Extensive Reading. in the EFL context because exposure to spo-. short stories, poetry,.Using Short Stories to Teach College-level EFL Students. literature provides a rich context in which students can.

A Literature-Based Lesson. a short story entitled Your dad was. anticipation about the content of the story, they will be shown the title and the main.

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The main purpose of this study focuses on familiarizing EFL instructors with the effectiveness of using literature in language instruction so that the teaching EFL does not focus on linguistic benefits only.It can be concluded that short stories, due to the limited length, help the reader and the student to remain focused on the content, plot and language in the story. 2.4.

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