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You worship your sponsor directly, and he, in turn, worships his sponsor, and so on, up the pyramid. uh, chain.Kobold Weekly: Founded by Biklik, this weekly paper, circulated throughout the major material planes, caters specifically to kobold interests.

DDO allows players to combine up to three of any available classes,. they can assist allies or destroy enemies but take.Although there are any number of student-based organizations dedicated to one deity or other, the Students for Lolth stands out for being the most active.A fallen Eberron House, who carried the Mark of Putting Things on Top of Other Things.

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Professor Strahd in Advanced Necromancy has been known to polymorph the offending Second Lifers and use them in the stead of the liberated.The runes you invoke allow you to impart strength and vitality to your allies while leaving your enemies open to. As a.

An air genasi street gang in the Elemental Plane of Air, who enjoy choreographed dance knife-fights.The president is a freshman Mind Flayer, Xizlqk, and vice president is tiefling monk, Vander.Getting Started Community Favorites Help Wanted Pages IRC Chat.

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Kardoom Planet: Very oddly named, but somewhat popular band, fronted by Krab, a strange and easily distracted catfolk, generally at odds with keyboardist Kozar (thri-kreen), and drummer Roltam (fire genasi).

Profit, worship, and pyramid schemes. uh, multi-level marketing.Members include Rory, Rusty, Spshak, Dodgeful Artie, Dottie Lu, and an as-yet-unnamed thri-kreen kid.

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More of a tabloid than a legitimate news source, it prints rumors, editorials, and sensationalism.

So far, he has Billen (a young monk with Vow of Poverty) as his first mate, the infamous Crimson Lotus (see Freshmen), and a few other (Zenra, Iltinger, Penembre, Fluffum).The club is open to all students, though it remains almost entirely Drow females.Maddie showed weakness in public, a Drow no-no, and Kree seized the opportunity as only Kree could do.A group of pre-teens (human equivalent), mostly orphans, who hang around together getting into mischief.Forged in War: Originally a garage band (they were built in a garage) from Eberron, this mostly warforged band plays heavy metal the way only heavy metallic people can.Book cover and interior art for Dungeons and Dragons 3.0 and 3.5 - Dungeons.Warmage, Retooled (3.5 Class) From Dungeons and Dragons Wiki. Jump to:. with a set of other spells that bolster allies,.Coach Klank remains the most sought-after coach in the Great Wheel.

A secret enclave consisting of the head and deputy head cheerleaders of all the schools in the division, where they discuss mutual business.Moonlit Forest: Death metal band fronted by Lemmy Kilminster with Cathy Gilligan on fiddle.

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An adventuring team consisting of masked heroes with (real or imagined) secret identities.A street gang compased of punk rock blink dogs with bad Cockney accents.

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It is composed of some of the best athletes in the planes, and has the best record in its division.Dungeons and Dragons - Players Handbook I 3.5 - Free ebook download as PDF File (.pdf). Enemies and Allies.

Sigilian Times employs Sigil Prep students Kythind (retired) and Spin.Dungeons And Dragons Enemies...

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Business started by the Squad, sounding enough like House Cannith that they hope to fool stupid people who need big constructs.Almost as famous as the team itself is our fantastic cheerleading squad.

A Faerunian adventuring party, apparently easily manipulated by cute vampire elves.Contains simple NPCs categorized by spheres of action including Crime, Religion, Mages.They typically open for other, more prominent groups, though they do have a following of their own.

Many of them are newsboys, and except for Spshak and Rory, they once worked as thieves and pickpockets for Wicker.They had a poor diplomatic corps, according to Anastacia, and have fallen from power.It keeps me from listening and learning about my allies and enemies. 6. Speaking of Villains,.

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Coach Stonewall is the coach, while student Xizlqk is the team manager.Operating against the player factions, there are no shortage of enemies and villains of the world plotting their own malevolent agendas.Maddie Weber and Kailey attend every show, so she can make fun of the retro-losers.

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An ARCANE SOURCEBOOK by MONTE COOK PDF Version 1.0. provide a ready-made roster of allies and enemies.

Silverhand: The hard-rocking band fronted by famous Faerunian bard Storm Silverhand.

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Editor Kendrek yells frequently at ace reporter Soli, slightly less ace reporter Ralck, and sightscriber, Mijji Zolzon.These failed arch-wizards creep around magical sites and could serve as either untrustworthy allies.

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