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We represent the voice of your allies, the Allies of Humanity.

Allies of Humanity: Human Unity, Freedom and the Hidden

I know that George Kavassilas has clearly stated that he suggests caution in believing information coming out of the latter group.This group of observers represents the Allies of Humanity, an association of free races in the Universe who support the preservation of Knowledge and freedom throughout the Greater Community.

The Extraterrestrial Presence in our World Today: What You

People find much entertainment value in this yellow sheet propaganda, but some actually fall for it lock stock and barrel and actually become tools for the propagandist.In your reactionary unawareness, you think you are on a just mission to save others, when, in fact, you are acting in the role of a useful agent to promote the agenda of these unholy criminals that have been in existence since before the times of Constantine.Kavasssilas also warned about information that comes through various channelers.

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The National Security Strategy

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The Criterion Between The Allies Of The Merciful And The

Communicated by a small group of extraterrestrial observers, the Briefings reveal the true nature and purpose of an extraterrestrial Intervention that has been underway in our world for quite some time.Do you still hate your parents for telling you there is no Santa Claus.

George goes a bit further and says Earth is in the process of (feminine) awakening to her evolutionary path of joining her male counter part (partner), which is the sun.I posted these because of the Project Camelot video that I posted previously (below this).And religious politicians want to lead people of the inside world, to some other world, a world that exists somewhere after-this-life.ALLIES OF HUMANITY - 3 BOOKS (FREE pdf) allies of humanity - marshall vian summers - 3 books (pdf). read: allies of humanity - book 2 (pdf).

Model for Humanity.PDF Download New Human The The Evolution Of Humanity Kryon Book Xiv Keywords.I implore you to please come out of your holier-than-thou drunken stupor while you still can.

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Book Review: War: A Crime Against Humanity. the USA and the allies of Europe. the Ending of War (2013).

Inflexible, unwilling to be open, unwilling to learn, pretending to have access to the very source of life.Sorry to disappoint - But nobody is my guru, or it also can be said in this way. that everybody is my guru.

Steps to Knowledge is the core book of practices for building.

Greater Community Spirituality: Marshall Vian Summers

Download The Allies Of Humanity Book Three in PDF and EPUB Formats for free.

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Lisa Harrison along with her friend David Icke are both Illuminati psyops, not much different then the disgusting Lady Gaga.This transmission is being made possible by the presence of.

Human Capital in the Knowledge Economy 16 Size of Market and Financial Characteristics 3.The war between the Athenians and Peloponnesians and the allies on. whether they are actually on the statute book,.The German defence accused the Allies of conducting human experiments.The Allies of Humanity: Book 2 presents startling new information on the interactions between races in our local Universe and on the nature, purpose and hidden activities of those races who are interfering in human affairs.

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