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Bookmark the permalink. 4,970 Responses to Ivory Brown Tiles.What the brother is doing is taking care of Sonny, he is fulfilling his promise to his Mother.The words stiff and iron suggest a level of growth for Sarty as he describes his Father.The time period in which the story takes place is a time when traditional family values were of high importance.This event motivates him even more to run away because he has to be loyal to himself and do what he thinks is the right thing to do at the time.

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The word family evokes an image of trust and a bond of loyalty.His Mother wanted him to take care of Sonny because she knows how tough it was when his Father lost his brother.

In doing so, the Major quickly left the house with his shotgun, and in the distance, Sarty heard two shots.The events that happen in both stories are different but the fact that both characters grow simultaneously in their minds create a strong bond.Both characters go through a great amount of pain in order to reach this understanding of loyalty.Ever since he grew up as a teenager, he never went to school but spent all his time playing piano and going to Greenwich Village, a place where music is lively.The literal meaning of loyal is the act of remaining faithful to a country, person, ruler, and government or ideal.

The brother has a problem with Sonny because Sonny does not want to do regular things.In addition to his obedience, Sarty also has to deal with the physical and emotional abuse from his Father.

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Thought the characters know that something is happening with their identities, the realization happen as the events happen.Sarty controls himself enough to think clearly that what his Father is doing is wrong and at all means, he is going to do whatever is necessary including withdrawing his loyalty to his Father.For example, the night before his family moves into another new place, his Father struck him for wanting to help other people, strangers, instead of his own family.

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So he is also torn apart because he loves music and he loves his brother so he has to choose between which one will motivate him more.Searching for ways to communicate effectively with their families and maintaining their changing identities trap the characters.

During this process, it changes their character and forces them to change and learn about themselves.Essay, Research Paper Growth through Pain The word family evokes an image of trust and a bond of loyalty.The loyalty comparisons play a big role in changing their character and identity.Sonny is quite like Sarty in having to run away from a problem but they both share the same characteristic in whether or not to listen to their family member.Nicole says: March 12, 2014 at 10:23 pm.

Therefore the understandings of loyalty in both stories are similar but the motivations contrast in that different events and emotions are displayed.

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Though they do not experience the same things, it matures from a young state of mind to a newer, older identity that takes place.In the end, he chooses music because it is something that he can always turn to when something bad happens.

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Sarty, as a young boy is forced to grow up at a faster pace than most young boys because he is coerced into making a tough decision to abandon his Father, which is also abandoning his whole family.As a result, her words of wisdom haunt him and remains in his memory forever.While they continue to express the values of family loyalty, the main characters have to overcome several obstacles.In both stories, Sarty and the brother are both dynamic characters.

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