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Brauron: An Athenian town on the east coast of Attica, it was the site of a sometimes promiscuous quadrennial festival in honour of Artemis.Cunna: A well-known prostitute, she has eyes that flash like those of Cleon (755).OSANNA MASSIMO Thesmophorion ed Eleusinion ad Atene: problemi topografici e culturali.Lysimache: An epithet for Peace and the name of a contemporary priestess of Athena Polias (line 992).Every year, the Spartans and their allies invaded Attica and wreaked havoc on Athenian farms.


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Both Aristophanes and Cleon would have mustered here since both belonged to the Cydathenaeum deme, a branch of the Pandionid tribe.A slave of Trygaeus fondly imagine his penis sharing a tent there with Festival (line 879).

Adamesteanu, D. and Dilthey, H., 1992, Macchia di Rossano: il santuario della Mefitis.Trygaeus goes indoors to prepare for his wedding and the Chorus steps forward again for another parabasis.Euripides: A tragic poet renowned for his innovative plays and pathetic heroes, he appears as a ridiculous character in The Acharnians, Thesmophoriazusae and The Frogs and he receives numerous mentions in other plays.Another boy sings a famous song by Archilochus celebrating an act of cowardice and this does not impress Trygaeus either.

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At last Peace and her companions, Festival and Harvest, are brought to light, appearing as visions of ineffable beauty.The standard critical edition of the Greek text (with commentary) is: S.Short summary: Trygaeus, a middle-aged Athenian, miraculously brings about a peaceful end to the Peloponnesian War, thereby earning the gratitude of farmers while bankrupting various tradesmen who had profited from the hostilities.Lissi Caronna, Elisa - Sabbione, Claudio - Vlad Borrelli, Licia (dir.): I pinakes di Locri Epizefiri, Musei di Reggio Calabria e di Locri: - Cardosa, Massimo.

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He is described here as an enemy of peace who hinders peace efforts (lines 304, 473).

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The Chorus would like to celebrate the wedding at the end by driving him out (1319).Typically there are two such addresses, in the middle and near the end of a play.Douglas Olson, Oxford University Press 2003, Introduction pages XL-XLI.Argives: Citizens of Argos and neighbours of the Spartans, they had maintained their neutrality throughout the war and they were not assisting in peace efforts (lines 475, 493).Categories: Plays by Aristophanes Peloponnesian War Anti-war plays Plays set in ancient Greece Hidden categories: Articles containing Ancient Greek-language text.Aesop: A legendary author of fables, he is said to have inspired Trygaeus to ascend to the home of the gods on a dung beetle (line 129).

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Stesichorus: A famous Sicilian poet, he is quoted invoking the Muse and the Graces in a song that denounces Carcinus, Morsimus and Melanthius as inferior poets (beginning with lines 775 and 796).

Cratinus: A comic poet often ranked with Aristophanes as a playwright, he is said to have died of a drunken apoplexy after witnessing the destruction of wine jars (line 700).Download i ninfei di locri epizefiri or read online here in PDF or EPUB.Pheidias: A renowned sculptor, he is said to have been named in a corruption scandal that was really aimed at his patron Pisistratus (line 605) and Peace is said to be a beautiful relative of his i.e. she is statuesque (616).Turi (a cura di), Caulonia tra Crotone e Locri, Atti del Convegno (Firenze.Noteworthy variations in this play are found in the following elements.Download locri epizefiri or read online here in PDF or EPUB. Vasi E Frammenti Beazley Da Locri Epizefiri E Ruolo Di Questa Citt Lungo Le Rotte.Oreus: A town on the western shore of Euboea, it is the home of the oracle monger and party-pooper, Hierocles (line 1047, 1125).

In quella storia il ruolo di Maiuri non dev. of Aphrodite in Locri,.Chians: Citizens of the island state of Chios, they seem to have been recent victims of an Athenian law imposing a fine of 30 000 drachmas on any allied state in which an Athenian citizen happened to be killed.Proxy Highlight Il thesmophorion di Locri Epizefiri pubblicato da Laruffa:.Theogenes: Another prominent politician, he associated with swines (line 928).Peace is structured according to the conventions of Old Comedy.

Medes: Brothers to the Persians and often identified with them as rivals of Greece, they benefit from the ongoing war between Athens and Sparta (line 108).He celebrates his triumph by marrying Harvest, a companion of Festival and Peace, all of whom he has liberated from a celestial prison.The son of Lamachus also concocts some Homer-like verses and he quotes from the introduction to Epigoni (1270), an epic sometimes attributed to Homer (now lost).

The sickle-maker and jar-maker present Trygaeus with wedding presents and Trygaeus offers suggestions to the others about what they can do with their merchandise: helmet crests can be used as dusters, spears as vine props, breastplates as chamber pots, trumpets as scales for weighing figs, and helmets could serve as mixing bowls for Egyptians in need of emetics or enemas.They might have to pay such a fine if Trygaeus falls off his dung beetle (line 171).

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