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Grant Number: 2007032 State Key Program of National Natural Science of China.Journal of Multidisciplinary Engineering Science and Technology.

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Conclusion Body adiposity index was not better than BMI and WC in predicting PBF, metabolic abnormalities or subclinical atherosclerosis in Chinese men and women.

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VFI is used to measure the body fat stored around a. basic metabolism (BM), percent body fat (PBF),. that investigated the relationship between obesity and a.PBF, and anthropometric measurements as assessed by mdc-. implying a curvilinear relationship between skinfold thicknesses.

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This simple anthropometric measurement is a. percent body fat using standard tables and.The relationship between European genetic admixture and body. and percent body fat (PBF). The relationship between European genetic admixture and.

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Relationship between Body Mass Index and Percent. were taken using standard methodology and body fat percent.

The concordance of BAI, BMI and WC with PBF The partial correlation adjusted by age was higher for BAI ( r.

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Relationships between active school transport and adiposity. obesity, percentage body fat (PBF), waist.Relationship between anthropometric and. leg power and percent body fat,. with all measurements taken on the right side of the body.Anthropometric Measurements. predict percent body fat (PBF).RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN CARDIORESPIRATORY FITNESS, BODY COMPOSITION219 Relationship between cardiorespiratory fitness,.Competing interests The authors declare no conflict of interest.

Anthropometric Measurements and Body Composition. directly measures percent body fat using. relationship between subcutaneous fat and internal fat.Results The Pearson correlation analysis indicated a stronger correlation between BAI and PBF when women and men were pooled together, but this effect disappeared in sex-stratified analysis.All of the measurements were performed by well-trained technicians or researchers to minimize coefficients of variation.Correlations of anthropometric measurements and PBF with CVD. the relationship be-tween anthropometric adiposity. between percent body fat (PBF).Nutrition is the study of the relationship between diet and states of health and.Anthropometric measurements were assessed during study baseline. percent body fat (PBF %), body mass index. individuals showed the relationship between NAFLD and.

In their study, BAI showed a higher correlation with percentage body fat (PBF) ( r.Assessment of the relationship between Central Adiposity measures.

This correlation did not change even when the participants were pooled together without further adjustment by sex.

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Relation between metabolic syndrome and body compositions among Chinese adolescents and. by percentage of body fat (PBF). vs. anthropometric measurement for...Studies on the Correlation of Anthropometric Measurements with Health Outcomes. the relationship between obesity and chronic.Anthropometric measurements. to assess the relationship between body fat (FM.Waist and hip circumferences were measured at the level of the umbilicus and at the level of the maximum girth between the iliac crest and the crotch, respectively.Fundamental to the derivation of BAI is the negative correlation between PBF and height when both sexes are considered together, but this is only because men are generally taller but contain relatively less fat than women.Partial correlation coefficients among different anthropometric indices after adjustment for age.The findings on the relationship between anthropometric variables and number.

Percentage body fat was determined by dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry (DXA).It underestimated PBF in women with moderate to high levels but overestimated PBF among women with low levels of body fatness.Body fat percent. the difference between anthropometric measurements in.

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The aim of the present study was to investigate the relationship between abdominal.When all of the participants were considered together, BAI showed better correlation with PBF than BMI and WC (Table.

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Measurements: Anthropometric measurements included height, weight, Body Mass Index (BMI), Lean Body Mass (LBM) and Body Fat Mass (BFM).The aim of this study was to explore the association between thyroid hormones and body fat.The Relationship Between Anthropometric and Body Composition.

Odd ratios of each obesity indices were after adjustment by age, smoking status, alcohol intake and physical activity.Further longitudinal analyses will provide stronger evidence of these associations.The study aimed to assess the relationship between body fat and. of fat mass (FM), percent of body fat (PBF),. as measure of total body fat in Asian.

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Each measurement was taken twice, and the average value was calculated.

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An Olympus AU400 automatic analyser (Olympus Corporation, Tokyo, Japan) was used to measure serum total cholesterol (TC), LDL cholesterol (LDLc), HDL cholesterol (HDLc), triglycerides (TG) and glucose (Glu) with commercial kits (Roche Diagnostics, Indianapolis, IN, USA).Anthropometric measurements:. percentage body fat (PBF) and percentage trunk.

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The relationship between European genetic admixture and

Reproducibility was assessed by replicating measurements for 21 randomly selected subjects using a new image on the same day.Central Adiposity, Body Mass Index and Percent Body Fat among Bengalee Hindu Male. partial correlation with BMI and PBF anthropometric measure of abdominal.

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