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On the other side, a line of dark-garbed White Walkers watch the proceedings.Grey Worm also states that he was taken as a baby from the Summer Islands (a large island group west of Naath and mainland Sothoryos).Slynt convinces Thorne to allow Jon to deal with the mutineers, in the hope that they will remove him from the problem.Suddenly, a snowstorm whips up and the temperature drops, causing the water Rast was taunting Ghost with to freeze.One of the young slaves is already trying to convince his fellow men in chains to fight, but the older slaves argue they have no means to oppose their Masters, who have squashed every previous slave rebellion.In the chambers of the Kingsguard, Jaime tasks Brienne with finding Sansa.He lived and died for the Watch and he was betrayed by his own men, stabbed in the back by cowards.The writers were actually discussing back in Season 3 that they wanted to eventually follow up on these characters.

Sansa defends Tyrion, with an innate certainty that he is innocent, and mentions that Baelish is far too smart to trust a drunk with the scheme.Sansa is bewildered, because the Lannisters have done so much for Baelish, including granting him the seat of Harrenhal.Tomtop: Online shopping for RC helicopter, tablet pc, cell phones, home decor, dress, cameras and sporting goods with a worldwide free shipping!.Daenerys apparently wanted Missandei to teach Grey Worm how to speak the Common Tongue of Westeros so he can function as a more effective army commander when she eventually invades the Seven Kingdoms.Sansa accuses Petyr Baelish of having Joffrey Baratheon murdered.

He urges her to find and keep the girl. but could be crushed into a fine powder.Baelish confesses that while his friendship with the Lannisters was fruitful, it is best to keep enemies confused and his absence from the wedding means that he will never be suspected.Elements of this were moved to how Daenerys captured Yunkai in the TV series.Tommen is a sweet boy with a cat named Ser Pounce, and who has found himself in incredible circumstances.Jon Snow and Grenn are teaching several recruits, including Locke and Olly, how to fight against wildlings.

Tommen is some years older in the TV version, but either way, TV-Margaery quickly realizes that he is too young to make physically seducing him effective, so she starts emotionally seducing him as she did in the books.It was written by Bryan Cogman and directed by Michelle MacLaren.The identity of the Targaryen she was betrothed to was revealed in the current books - but was revealed in the World of Ice and Fire sourcebook which was released a few months after Season 4 ended.If Tommen was aged-up by the same two year increment that other child characters like Arya and Sansa were, then he should be about 12 years old in Season 4.This fits with the line Grey Worm has in the episode that no one can give the slaves their freedom, they must take it for themselves.The poison was smuggled into the ceremony in the form of fake crystals in the necklace that Dontos gave to Sansa - which as Baelish revealed last episode, were not actual jewels, but could be crushed into a fine powder and would dissolve in wine.Grey Worm arrives and tells them that only they can free themselves, then presents them with weapons.Rather, Chapman was cast simply to play Martyn in Season 3, and after Martyn was killed Chapman thought his time working on the TV series was over.Jon secures vol unte ers while Bran, Jojen, Meera and Hodor stumble on shelter.

Oberyn Martell and Ellaria Sand were introduced in Season 4, but they actually have no scenes entirely alone (unless one counts the brothel scenes in which there are white prostitutes, but Oberyn and Ellaria are the only major, named characters).Peterson, who developed the Valyrian languages in the TV show, pointed this out when he was shown the script.Several Dornish characters do later become POV narrators, but only starting in the material which will be adapted as Season 5.

Fortunately, Cersei is well distracted by accusing her innocent brother of the murder of her son.This is why they cast a bigger, more experienced actor such as Burn Gorman to play Karl Tanner (who personally killed Craster) because they wanted to return and expand on the character in Season 4 (in the books, Craster and Mormont are killed by fairly minor characters, but Season 4 builds up that Karl was a dangerous hired assassin in Flea Bottom).Salladhor Saan was changed to be black in the TV series, but he has always appeared in scenes alongside Davos Seaworth (who is another POV narrator in the books).She mentions the new and prospective marriage between Margaery and the new king, Tommen.When it reaches the mountain, the White Walker places the baby upon an altar of ice at the center of a ring of large icicles.Cogman stated that Tommen was recast in Season 4 because he becomes the new king, which meant a lot more heavy acting rested on the character, so they wanted a more experienced actor.In our version of the story, Olenna was Margaery in her day and Margaery will be one day be Olenna.

Jaime keeps his oath and sends Brienne on a mission to find Sansa Stark.Chapter 27, Jaime III: Jaime continues training with a discrete sword partner, hoping to improve his left-handed swordsmanship without people finding out.To have to write a scene where Hodor gets bear-baited and beat up was just miserable.Naath is off the coast of Sothoryos, the third continent in the Known World besides Westeros and Essos.Barristan advises her against it, saying that sometimes it is best to answer injustice with mercy.Some of the deserters amuse themselves by tormenting Hodor, while the others are taken to Karl, who threatens to kill Meera and Jojen.

And then you throw in Bran and Hodor, two of the most endearing characters.Olenna is illustrating to Margaery what she has to do next through a personal story.Janos Slynt points out to Thorne that while Jon is well liked, Thorne is not, and when Maester Aemon insists upon an election for a new Lord Commander, Jon is far more likely to succeed Mormont.This includes Dothraki and Dornishmen (though more Dornish characters will appear in Season 5).

In the Season 4 Blu-ray commentary, David Benioff and D.B. Weiss revealed that they saw the South Park parody, and in response, consciously stopped having characters do this quite as frequently.She puts in his mind the idea that one day she will be his and they might as well learn to like each other, and compliments him on his cat and kind demeanour.Missandei identifies for the first time in dialogue that she is from the island of Naath, and was taken from there by slavers as a child.In the books, Kraznys actually stated that the Unsullied are trained to be able to pick up new languages fairly quickly, so they can better serve their new masters - if Qohor purchases a contingent of Unsullied, they are expected to learn Qohorik Low Valyrian in a short amount of time.They visit a slave pen, where a number of slaves are discussing whether or not to rise against the Great Masters.This was therefore not an inconsistency: the books outright state that an Unsullied such as Grey Worm is trained to quickly learn how to speak new languages, at least on a basic level.But the cat is in it because he serves a purpose: You immediately see that Tommen is not Joffrey.Jojen is suddenly overcome by a seizure and falls to the floor while Meera begs to be let go so she can help him.Time moves more slowly in the TV series so one TV season equals roughly one year, meaning that by Season 4 three years have passed since the beginning of the narrative, making Joffrey 19 when he died.

Instead, the Valyrian writing system is said to be based on glyphs.At first Baelish evades the accusation, pointing out that he has been away for weeks and that Tyrion could be the perpetrator.Alliser Thorne admonishes Jon and reminds him that he is a steward, not a ranger, trying to provoke Jon for an excuse to have him killed.Chapter 72, Jaime IX: Jaime sends Brienne on a mission to find Sansa Stark, and presents her with his Valyrian steel sword, which he names Oathkeeper.At certain points in Season 3, Grey Worm seemed to acknowledge comments made by Daenerys and Jorah in the Common Tongue (English).After a moment, one of them strides forth and carefully picks up the wailing child, who swiftly calms.Jaime finally visits Tyrion, confessing that Cersei asked him to murder him.

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