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That also allows the edge of the Masonite to define the cut line for easier setup.Find great deals on eBay for bosch saw guide and circular saw guide.I am including a couple of modifications, though, that I think readers will find very beneficial.Do you think the vinyl trim would be strong enough to be the guide or would it present too much bow to the Masonite.

This will save so much time and even more so a math mistake and a miscut.When I got home to use it as such, I discovered it was not straight.The straight trim board will be a big advantage for getting a straight guide without a large table saw the beginner workshop may not have.).Turn an ordinary circular saw into a precision edge-guided cutting tool.

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The EZSmart Universal Edge Guide turns nearly any circular saw into a precise, versatile cutting tool for both dimensional lumber and large panels.Generally speaking table saws are pretty useless for ripping down WHOLE sheet products unless you have some monster table.

PS- Your take on this jig is very interesting as compared to other similar jigs that I have seen elswhere.

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I have always used a straight edge but have always just figured out where my marks needed to be to make up the difference for the saw.Phil B (author) Horsehockey Reply 2012-11-25 For the last 40 years I have often done what you describe.Step 6: Finished Cut The photo shows the bottom of the door after it has been trimmed.Use this skillsaw cutting guide board to make straight cuts with a skillsaw, use an eight footer to rip sheets of plywood lengthwise and a four footer to.If you own a circular saw, you can make accurate, safe cuts on boards and plywood with this inexpensive saw guide that anyone can make.Start projects right by making straight, accurate, splinter-free cuts with your circular saw and the Accu-Cut Circular Saw Guide Track System.Find best value and selection for your Cutting Guide The Cutters Edge II Circular Saw Guide Joiner part only search on eBay.

The two circular saw cutting guides fea-tured in the article in Woodsmith No. 185 offer a big return for a small investment in time and material.But, if you have something you like, go for it. mikem360 (author) Reply 2012-11-08 i put 2mm neoprene type foam on the bottom, no longer need to clamp it in place Phil B (author) mikem360 Reply 2012-11-08 Thank you for the comment and the idea.Do not set the saw down until the blade has stopped spinning.I wound up just using the edge of the Masonite base as the guide for trimming the door.Step 2: Mount your Circular Saw on the. against the edge of your workpiece and make your cut, moving the edge guide and saw forward at.I am having difficulty understanding why you were not able to use this successfully.

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The operator has tried several times to get the management have the saw aligned again, but has been unsuccessful. Be aware.).

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Years ago I purchased a two piece aluminum saw guide for ripping.Find great deals on eBay for circular saw guide and circular saw cutting guide.Thanks for the idea though saw it last night and said I have to have one.Intro 1 2 3 4 5 6 Introduction: Circular Saw Rip Guide--My Version Rip guides like this one can be found on YouTube and in other Instructables here.You would need to rip the oak into at least two narrower pieces and true them with your joiner.

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I do not use it often, but it has been handy when I needed it.I did not discover this jig until after I had purchased the oak or I would have purchased the correct materials initially.Funnily enough, I too have the very same aluminum jig described in step 6.I think I mentinoned I bought a rip guide made from aluminum more than 30 years ago.The birch plywood will not be a total waste as I can now build the jig in your Instructable and ultimately salvage the majority of the panels.A circular saw is a power-saw using a toothed or abrasive disc or blade to cut different materials using a rotary motion spinning around an arbor.Different types of circular saw blades are designed to cut different materials and work with different power saws.

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Cutting in one smooth motion is to eliminate the effects of run out.

Apparently you have used these guides before. coolbeansbaby68 (author) Reply 2012-11-05 Very nice phil Phil B (author) coolbeansbaby68 Reply 2012-11-05 Thanks, Jim.Find great deals on eBay for circular saw cutting guide and circular saw cutting.

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I used a metal guide for years and almost always had to clean up the cut edge on my table saw (never easy with a very long board).Circular Saw Guides for Cutting Sheet Goods You can make your own straight-edge jig for cutting panels, but many cabinetmakers and installers recommend buying a.Saw blades are available in configurations for most applications, from general purpose blades to highly specialized designs.Then I clamped it again as before and trimmed the second side.But, the Masonite needs to be twice as wide as the base dimension on the motor side of the base plus the width of the trim board.If you have a factory cut sheet, slice on four or so inches and use the factory cut edge as a guide.

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Rip guides like this one can be found on YouTube and in other Instructables.In this guide, learn how to make a circular saw measuring jig that will let you align.I would be concerned that a 1 x 4 of real wood could warp a little with changes in humidity.

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How to Use a Circular Saw. Many circular saws are equipped with a ripping fence, to guide the blade as you make a rip cut along the edge of a board,.We were using his folding rule, which I tried to open in a speedy motion, and it broke in half.

Phil B (author) jeffjenn Reply 2017-07-25 That is a good idea.

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Related Manuals for Craftsman 25980 - Accu-Rip Saw Guide. Model No. 25980 ACCU-RIP SAW GUIDE USER INSTRUCTIONS About the. the Cut- will only work with circular.I wish I had had one of these years ago. ptindall (author) Reply 2015-10-13 This is a nice design and just what I was looking for.

A 2x4 under where the saw will run keeps the blade out of the dirt or grass and provides a rigid surface for the cut.It always demanded more mental effort from me to be certain I was reading the measurements correctly and making them identical on both ends of the rip guide board.Phil B (author) Goodluck Reply 2012-11-05 You make good points.

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